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30 chapters of ‘Drarry : A Snake Life’

30 chapters of the fanfiction drarry a snake life by Emma B Thyste/Sweet Sugar Spike


My Harry Potter fanfiction ‘Drarry : A Snake Life’ goes on! 30 chapters are already available on my English Wattpad account @SweetSugarSpike, click on the following link if you wish to read it :

Drarry : A Snake Life

The story : Draco Malfoy has been changed into a snake. Since Harry Potter is the only one who can understand him, he has to carry him everywhere -even in his own bed.
But then he realises that the Slytherin boy turns back to normal every night…

Careful : hot content ahead !

Tim and Wes now on Wattpad!


I am thrilled to announce that my last story will be translated and posted regularly on Wattpad! 😀 The first chapter of ‘Tim and Wes’, a boy’s love/yaoi/R18 story, is already on Wattpad now!

You can read it here >>>

Here is the cover of my yaoi novel, Tim and Wes


Tim, gay and totally fine with it, has fallen in love with Wesley, the quarterback from literature class in college. Unfortunately, this charming boy is straight and in a relationship with a cheerleader. But one day, Tim meets Wes in a bar, who tries to drown his sorrows because his girlfriend and him broke up. The next day, Wes wakes up in Tim’s bed with a huge hangover.

And without clothes…

Then trouble starts!