Welcome on my blog ! My name’s Emma B. Thyste and I am a Swiss writer.

I write original texts and fanfictions, both in French and in English. I update regularly Drarry fanfictions and original stories in English on Wattpad under the pen name of @SweetSugarSpike.

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Original story

Tim and Wes [ongoing]

Currently, I am translating one of my yaoi / boy’s love novel in English and post the chapters on Wattpad. Click on the link below if you wish to read it :

Tim and Wes

Here is the cover of my yaoi novel, Tim and Wes


Tim, gay and totally fine with it, has fallen in love with Wesley, the quarterback from literature class in college. Unfortunately, this charming boy is straight and in a relationship with a cheerleader. But one day, Tim meets Wes in a bar, who tries to drown his sorrows because his girlfriend and him broke up. The next day, Wes wakes up in Tim’s bed with a huge hangover.

And without clothes…

Then trouble starts!

Mr and Mrs Nobody

A four episodes original story, a mix between a spy comedy and a romance novel, updated on Wattpad.

Translated from French © « Monsieur et Madame Personne » by Emma B. Thyste, published on this blog on 2018

Mr and Mrs Nobody

Cover of the story Mr and Mrs Nobody. This is an original story from Emma B. Thyste. Spy, love comedy.

Mike walks into his usual café, but today he’s going to meet someone who’s going to blow his tidy little life out of the water…
What better way to break the ice than with a cup of tea and a gun?



Disclaimer : the fanfiction contain rude language and explicit sex scenes.
I don’t own any of the characters, Hogwarts, or anything resembling JK Rowling’s work. This is pure fanfiction work there.
The images of the covers are from the artist MRB : www.m-r-b.ch

If you wish to read my drarry fanfictions, the three of them are on Wattpad. ‘Drarry : A Snake Life’ is still ongoing, all the links and summaries are listed below :

Drarry : A Snake Life

Drarry : A Snake Life

Draco Malfoy has been changed into a snake. Since Harry is the only one who can understand him, he has to carry him everywhere –even in his own bed.

But then he realises that the Slytherin boy turns back to normal every night…^^

Drarry Omegaverse

Drarry Omegaverse

Draco Malfoy comes from an exclusive alpha family, he has always been hiding to his friends and classmates the fact that he is an omega. But, one day, he’s suddenly out of Heats Inhibitor…
…and, unfortunately for him, he’s really close to Harry Potter…

Drarry – Rumor has it

Drarry – Rumor has it

Rumour has it that Draco Malfoy has to sell his body to get money. And he sleeps… only with men ! When Harry hears about it he gets obsessed with the thought of the Slytherin boy shagging with his classmates. It’s sure it’s all a lie and decides to investigate to discover the truth… at all costs 😉


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