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250 followers on Wattpad!

250 people follow me on my Wattpad account! Thank you so much!

There are 4.2K views for ‘Short Drarry Quotes’, 125K views for the fanfiction ‘Drarry Omegaverse’ and 440K views for ‘Drarry : A Snake Life’! I am so happy^^

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Emma B Thyste aka SweetSugarSpike on Wattpad reached 250 followers on Wattpad

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200 followers on Wattpad!

There are more than 200 people following me on my Wattpad account! Find my little stories here :

-> The three top stories are my two drarry fanfictions… and memes? 😳

1. Drarry : A Snake Life

2. Drarry Omegaverse

3. Drarry Short Quotes (just funny quotes and memes, really XD)

Emma B Thyste aka SweetSugarSpike on Wattpad reached 200 followers on Wattpad



250K views on Drarry: A Snake Life

My fanfiction ‘Drarry: A Snake Life’ reached 250K view on Wattpad! I’m so happy^^

You can read it here:

Snake Life views 250k on Wattpad

Draco Malfoy has been changed into a snake. Since Harry is the only one who can understand him, he has to carry him everywhere –even in his own bed.

But then he realises that the Slytherin boy turns back to normal every night…^^