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Thirteen years… of writing!

26 years old. 13 years of writing. 5 books published. 2 languages. 1 blog.

This is a special post because this month I’m turning 26 years old and I realised that May also marks a turning point in my career: I’ve been writing for more than half of my life now! Oh dear, I’m not getting any younger XD

I wrote my first book at the age of thirteen years old and, in the process, I wrote two more. In three months. I quickly realised that writing was both a pleasure and a necessity, like breathing.

Thirteen years later, here we are^^ My style may have evolved, I may have changed over the years, but it’s still the same passion that drives me: to please you, my readers, to entertain you and make you have a good time.

Thank you so much for your loyalty and support, it’s what motivates me every time I take my propelling pencil in hand or sit down in front of my computer. It’s thanks to you that I am where I am today.

Are you ready for what’s coming next?^^

Tim and Wes now on Wattpad!


I am thrilled to announce that my last story will be translated and posted regularly on Wattpad! 😀 The first chapter of ‘Tim and Wes’, a boy’s love/yaoi/R18 story, is already on Wattpad now!

You can read it here >>>

Here is the cover of my yaoi novel, Tim and Wes


Tim, gay and totally fine with it, has fallen in love with Wesley, the quarterback from literature class in college. Unfortunately, this charming boy is straight and in a relationship with a cheerleader. But one day, Tim meets Wes in a bar, who tries to drown his sorrows because his girlfriend and him broke up. The next day, Wes wakes up in Tim’s bed with a huge hangover.

And without clothes…

Then trouble starts!